XBox Controller Render

I wanted to re-create macro shot of Xbox Controller that I made in 2014. Here you can see render on the left and original photo on the right.

I tried to imitate what I used in real photo. 35mm full frame camera, F-Stop 16, 100mm macro lens and 2 square soft boxes 100cm.

Result is pretty close. What I noticed is that depth of field in Blender does not really correlate exactly as in real world. While on real camera I had f16, in Blender I had to set up f45 to get similar depth of field.

I made texture on rubber sticks using checkers black and white shader, but I couldn’t figure out how to get more bumpiness in it. I would appreciate if anyone (who ever read this lol) let me know how I should have done it better. Without using image textures 😉