This is my workflow how I made this bedroom scene in the morning light.

I started by creating simple square room with big portal windows, adding simple curtain rod and pair of half transparent silk curtains, wooden floor and carpet. Still didn’t decided in what direction I will go with a mood in the room.

Empty room

Then I start adding elements to fill up the space. I also changed windows from three to two portals. HDRI is overcast day so there are no hard shadows.

I found free models of bed mattress with pillows and stylized chair. Decided to go for a neutral blue color. I added some picture frames and wall lamps. Since it was strange that mattress is on the floor I modelled bed frame and accompanying night table. I found good contrast to make lights yellow to counter bluish lights from the window.

I switched HDRI environment map to one with sun in low position. Blue seemed to cold and unwelcoming. This yellow color made it more inviting 🙂

For final renders I changed composition of the shot and and incoming sun angle so that it falls on the wall and headboard.