Inspired by Retro gaming in ’80s. I did this model for my #ModelMay challenge.

No.5: Speedlink Joystick

My challenge here was to create that plastic texture on the joystick base and on the top of the handle. First I tried to create procedural texture using just noise nodes but I couldn’t achieve convincing results.

I searched for rough plastic texture and found one. Since I needed only Normal texture and it was not included, I had to create myself in the Photoshop.

Other elements were easy to make.

Speedlink Joystick Speedlink Joystick

Finished scene before textures, camera and lights setup and after.

Oh and the best part is that I finally managed to export model from Blender to Adobe Aero and create AR (Augmented Reality) file from it. Result is pretty impressive as you can see it in the video here.

If you would like to test it yourself here is the link for the AR file.

Note: newer iPhones with latest iOS will open this file automatic and you can share it in a message to your friends 🙂