Yes, I know… This looks terrible. And it represent nothing. But it is my first Blender render.

It was October 16, 2019. I was cleaning up my work computer from the guy who used it before me. I looked at the icon that says Blender. Never heard of it before. So I started the program to see what is all about. Ok, I thought, it is somekind of 3D software, and it look soooo complicate.

I am not total newbie in 3D. I used to play around in 3D Studio Max, but long time ago. It was around year 1999-2000. It was painfuly slow but alredy then I found it so compeling. To be able to create what ever you imagine and make it real. But I never got in to it, mostly because I lived that time in Serbia, hardware was expensive and there was hard to find sources to learn from.

To be precise that is my first render, but in blender. My first-first was in 3D Studio Max, 20 years ago.

Now I have better hardware and I have 20 years of experience in graphics industry and photography and I have enough time and resources where I can learn about Blender.

Future looks brite ^>^