This is a 3D Model of a Soundmaster Radion that I made using Blender.

Third day of my #ModelMay challenge. Today is a Sunday and I have whole day to think about what I want to model. I have this old school looking radio that runs in the background practically whole day, that is cool looking and represent nice challenge for me.

I am still messing my topology with mixing destructive and non destructive workflow. But since my model I will use only in renders, it is not a huge deal for me.

Here are some early on renders. Chalk render of a model before I applied basic textures and model with wood, metal and speaker texture.

Now, let me explain how I created the texture for the speaker. Since I could not find anything that is exact match for the fabrics that cover the speaker I had to create my own. My background is in photography, so I made sure that I place my camera straight on, use lens that will not deform picture (in my case 50mm, but longer is better) and make sure that light is even across the picture. Here is the shot I used.

I used photoshop to create seamless square image. From that I made also Normal, Bump and Specular maps. I will do separate tutorial on that some time. Here are the resulting textures:

For the small “Soundmaster” logo I used easy trick. First I outlined the logo using image as a reference. Extrude and bevel the edges to make it more natural. Used gold texture for basic color and unwrapped front face and applied image texture to it. And result is very convincing 🙂

Soundmaster logo

Another interesting thing is black print on the radio behind the clear plastic. I redraw graphics in Adobe Illustrator and applied them on the surface using UV maps. For the screen I used font TRS-Million Regular and for a shader I used emission with a blue tint.

For the final renders I used 4 area lights. Three for a model, and one for the background. One of the are lights are setup to create nice highlight reflection on the clear plastic panel on the front. That added the depth and hint of realism to the close up shot.

I rendered 2000×2000 with 500 samples using Cycles.

Color grading I did in the VSCO.

Soundmaster NR920 Radio Soundmaster NR920 Radio