I had a task to do a package design for a product. It is a brand for eyelash serum. Brand name is Aninna and they do not have brand design yet. They would like a proposal for the logo and package design.

These are my notes taken on the briefing.

They like some eggshell or pink hue for color. They want to do lacquer embossed word “look” on the sides. Also silver letters and logo.

After few design proposals, they decided to go for more modern look with pink hue for the color.

Here are some of the proposed designs.

My biggest Blender challenge here was to create texture for the package with all this different materials they want.

  1. Base shader would be color print in pink with some small prints and bar code.
  2. Second shader would be for the silver logo and informational text that should also be embossed.
  3. Third shader is for the lackquer wording on the sides, also embossed.


Next I wanted to do a short turn table animation of the product to be able to show all the different design elements and printing techniques on the package design. I will probably hate this in a few months 🙂

And here is final render.