I wanted to create something to celebrate the festive season. Using my notebook I created a quick sketch before getting to work.

For the final composition I will need to make models of:

  • Champagne bottles
  • Champagne glasses
  • Metal bucket
  • Christmas decorations
  • Christmas lights bokeh image for the background
Sketch for champagne scene

Champagne glasses

Finding a reference for the champagne glass wasn’t hard, but filling it with champagne was. Any champagne that wasn’t expired has bubbles, and that meant my glass had to be full of them. It was a challenge making the bubbles reflect light to my liking. Instead of using three dimensional objects to create them, I placed a transparent texture map around the liquid model.

In the end I struggled to achieve a final result I was proud of however my mind still raced for solutions. I had an idea to use emitter to make the bubbles gradually increase in size until they reached the top of the glass and,but didn’t want to get stuck on something as simple as bubbles and grouping them together.

This would be enough for now:

Ice bucket

The bucket is composed from a few shapes, and one simple texture. Out of all the task this was the easiest to accomplish.

Christmas ornaments

Modeling Christmas ornaments was a simple task as well. You only need three basic objects to make one, but I wanted to make mine a little more vibrant. I was able to pull it off after following this tutorial by Bandyte. Check his YouTube channel for more cool videos on blender.

Christams ornaments

Final composition

I used my original sketch as a reference for the first layout. I used area lights to give the glass objects nice long reflections, and a semi-glossed white material for the background. I wanted to incorporate some soft reflections as well and used a total of five lights to do this.
The figure below represents each light and their position in the scene.

Light setup

I played around a bit with the camera angle and raised angle to 30 degrees but ultimately stuck with very low camera angle. The wide open aperture on the camera let me get away with using a low resolution image of Christmas lights bokeh for the background.

The final step was adding the ornaments. I used them to give the scene depth before messing around with the color options. I decided three colors was far too much, and settled on variations of gold.
Here are results:

Final composition and render

I changed the angle to give the final render a little bit more life, and used an emitter decorate it with golden confetti.

Final Render
It would mean a lot to me if you shared this article along with any tips I could use to improve. If you have any additional questions please feel free to comment.
I would love to know your thoughts!