When I decided to learn Blender, my first google-search was “Blender Tutorial 2.80” and I stumble upon Andrew’s Price tutorial to make a donut and cup of coffee.

There are so many things I coudn’t understand at the moment but I was folowing his tutorial step-by-step. His channel is BlenderGuru, and I am sure that people it this community knows very well who he is. For me he was a revelation. Tutorials were separated in parts, about half an hour each, and it was very easy to follow them.

Soon I learned how to make my first donut. After donut, I learned to model glass coffee cup. Then I learned about shaders, cameras, render etc.

At the end of the tutorial, you are challenged to make your own version of donut scene, and to model yourself a spoon and a plate.

I was very proud about my result that time and also amazed how well Blender’s Cycles render engine performed.

Here is my final render. I know I will hate it in a few months, and find so many mistakes, but today I am proud of myslef and my DONUT 🙂

Final donut tutorial render

Final donut tutorial render