I had idea to create card and envelope setup for my company. This way I can fake product shots, it’s more convenient and much faster for me.

So I needed a model of simple A5 card, standing next to the envelopes in the same size. Then I would just change the different faces for the cards by changing UV texture for it.

There is probably much easier way to do it but I am not sure how.

I realize now that for six different cards, I would have to render 6x same scene with different map. Which is not a huge deal since it is very simple scene.

Oh, by doing this scene I learned what “knockout” option means. Which I find amazing.

Once I have cards rendered without background but will all the shadows, I was able to change background color to what ever I wanted.

I also learned how to add simple background image and fake scenery. I used some simple modern kitchen scene on a simple plane. All I had to do is to try to match the lights and perspective. Final result looked very good to me.

Two weeks in to Blender now and I love it!

Here are some renders.